Good news for those wishing to live in Italy

Rome (International Desk) It is everyone’s dream to live in European countries, if you have the same desire, then this offer is for you.

15 thousand euros to those who come and settle there from the island of Sardinia in Italy. (more than 35 lakh Pakistani rupees) per capita is being planned. The aim of this project is to overcome the problem of population shortage, for this purpose the Government of Sardinia has allocated millions of Euros which will help thousands of people.

In the same way people are being encouraged to immigrate to different regions of Italy, Sardinia has been granted territorial autonomy by Italy and the residents elect their own president. The president of Sardinia It is said that the dream of economic development is not possible without population growth and new policies are being worked on keeping this in mind.

People interested in this program must stay in a town in Sardinia with a population of 3,000. The amount given to them will be spent on renovating the house and they will have to stay there full time in the town, likewise for 18 months. Within this, the individual will have to register Sardinia as their permanent address. Sardinia, the second largest island in the Mediterranean, is known for its beauty, and officials expect people to settle there easily.

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