If your uric acid is rising, what dangerous disease can you suffer from? Know to avoid big loss

Today, humans are afflicted with various diseases, and many diseases are such that if they are not diagnosed early, they can cause huge losses.

Apparently, a person looks perfectly healthy on the outside, but inside the disease is doing its work silently. In the same way, uric acid in the human body is also a disease. According to Europe’s renowned nephrologist Professor Austin G. Stack, the increase of uric acid in the body does not only cause arthritis, but according to new research, in such patients.

The risk of kidney failure increases threefold. Professor Austin G. Stack says that hyperuricemia, or increased uric acid in the body, is part of the metabolic syndrome, which results in a threefold increase in the risk of heart attack and stroke. are He expressed regret that unfortunately, like the rest of the world, the increasing dangers of uric acid are ignored in Pakistan.

Professor Austin G. Stack said that heart disease can be prevented by controlling this chemical in the body. , can be protected from various diseases including stroke and kidney damage. Professor Austin G. Stack said that it is now outdated that the increase of uric acid only causes arthritis or joint pain.

Because according to modern research, this chemical is not only the main cause of kidney failure, high blood pressure, but also heart attack and stroke. Those who come with complaints of pain should be tested for uric acid as well as their kidney function.