The famous singer of the Korean pop band died in a stampede at the party

Seoul (Showbiz Desk) Famous Korean pop band singer Lee Jihan also died as a result of a stampede at a Halloween party. According to foreign media reports, 24-year-old singer Lee Jihan died in a stampede during a Halloween party in Etown the past few days.

Lee Jaehan rose to fame after participating in a singing competition reality show in 2017, and made his acting debut in a drama in 2019. South Korea has been on hiatus for three years due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Later, the Halloween festival was being celebrated, due to which the excitement among the participants was also high. This festival of scary costumes turned out to be a very scary dream for them where 6 children and 26 foreigners were killed as a result of the stampede. 160 people were killed including 160 people.

It should be remembered that the President of South Korea called the incident that happened last week as very sad and announced that October 31 will be a day of mourning across the country.